Hua Hin After Sunset!


Hua Hin Nightlife Options


Thailand is a place synonymous with “sanook,” or fun, an important part of life for any Thai. So when locals hit the town, it’s no surprise that they’re going all out. Hua Hin is no exception. And with the popularity of this beach town among travelers, it can only be more exciting. So as the sun sets in tropical Hua Hin, let’s get our dance on. Ranging from upper-end Western style bars to chilled-out local and expat hangouts, Hua Hin doesn’t fall short. The classy Skybar Hilton is where the bay of Hua Hin offers its stunning views and cool sea breezes.
A more quiet option such as Thai wai offers more intimate surroundings with pool tables and large screens TVs for world-wide events.You might also find yourself in one of the karaoke bars near the bazaar area or even Hua Hin’s darling Blue Angel cabaret- an up-close and funny 75-minute show for 300 baht including one free drink. Its not nightlife without a classic Thai-style disco, which includes live Thai bands and tables of Thai social youths enjoying a drink and dance. Hua Hin doesn’t bear the same raucous and untamed image as Bangkok and Pattaya, but there are certainly tucked-away places to go for girls and go-go bars. Nightclubs in Hua Hin, like most places in Thailand close at 2am. Police often come around to make sure that clubs and bars are wrapping up around then.

The lenient and laid back nature of Thailand is eminent in Hua Hin. The legal drinking age is 20 but there are places that don’t check. And like the legal drinking age, dress codes aren’t strictly enforced in Hua Hin either.

There you have it. Hua Hin after dark literally lights up with red and green neons. Make sure you try the local produce of beer and whiskey while you’re at it.

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