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Perfect Party Boat


Daniel and Erika spend a day with Mermaid Cruises, on one of their electric eco boats that is equipped with solar and wind power as well as a mini bar, water slide and sound system. They develop many of their own electric boats and also have a marina where they offer many other services. After a perfect day on the sea, lunching, kayaking and swimming, we think you will love an environmentally safe boat trip with Mermaid Cruises! Co-owner Barry hails from a fishing village in Ireland so when he moved to Thailand about eight years ago and found this area, he fell in love. And true to his water-loving roots, he could see the potential of such a scenic but secluded area close to the river and sea.

So he soon bought a boat and started doing tour cruises. The best thing about the boats at Mermaid Cruises is because they are electric, they are better for the environment and wild life, they are more comfortable for passengers because the engine is silent and this allows people to see everything up close and enjoy the beauty of the area.We took a trip on their flagship boat and there is nothing like it in the world. Designed as a 13-meter catamaran, it’s a totally electric three-way hybrid. With solar panels on the roof, two wind generators, as well as the batteries this means it never needs petrol. The vessel has a bar, Jacuzzi, water slide, spring board, a dinghy to bring people into beaches, sound system and on board computer.
They also have their own cooks and transport. So it’s not hard too see why they get lots of bookings for private parties and corporate events. We had an absolute blast laying out in the sun on the boat, seeing the stunning scenery and of course testing out the Jacuzzi! And being able to do fishing, eat some great food and kayak up a storm topped it all off. And because the boat is so quiet, you can socialize easily without being drowned out by a huge engine and it also meant we could get close to the local birds and lizards without disturbing them.

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