CLMVT Link Joint Press Conference


CLMVT Link: Prosper Together spotlights tourism connectivity and collaboration in the region


Five nations in the Greater Mekong Subregion participated in the firstly-held joint press conference “CLMVT Link: Prosper Together” in order to highlight the travel and tourism connectivity together by addressing any collaboration and opportunities among the countries.

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  • Sea Sand and Sun Pattaya
  • Pia's Journey to Bangkok, Thailand

Day 2 Highlights: CLMVT Link Joint Press Conference

Stay tuned, as we’ll soon be bringing you the full details of the campaign through video, but we’ve highlighted numerous photos here for you to enjoy.

CLMVT Link Joint Press Conference Photography

CLMVT Linkages will strengthen the competitiveness of the whole CLMVT region and allow the countries to intensify their joint marketing and promotional campaigns and familiarisation trips. Watch the full iTravel Exclusives of the Thailand Travel Mart Plus 2016 Part 2.

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