An Independent Hotel Offers a More Authentic Experience


Independent Hotels are a Gateway to a New Culture


Independent hotels strive to offer the best experience within their cultural perspective. They don’t have a corporate culture that they can base their level of accommodations and service on. No corporate guidelines to follow, no faceless management to satisfy. It’s just the hotel trying to provide a level of service that satisfies foreign travelers.

You’ll find more authentic foods at an independent hotel. These foods are cooked by a local rather than a corporate chef trying to recreate the country’s dishes. You won’t find the same old burgers, club sandwiches and spaghetti Bolognese at the independent hotel. And, if you do, they will probably be a regional take on the dish that adds a bit of spice to them.

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You can learn a Lot about the Area by Staying in an Independent Hotel

Independent hotel operators are most likely residents of the town or city they’re located in. They know the area like the back of their hand. Local operators know where to find the things you need, and can recommend the best restaurants. They know the out of the way places of interest, and the overcrowded tourist attractions to avoid. The independent hotels are a fountain of useful information.

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