Introduction to Yangon, Myanmar


Exclusives: Introduction to Yangon, Myanmar


The iTravel Channel TV makes its first ever visit to Myanmar. Watch as Patchari Raksawong, iTravel Exclusives host, gives an overview of the city.

Most noteworthy, Myanmar is one of the final frontiers for world travelers to visit. The doors are now open in Myanmar, which had been closed to the west for many years. Getting to Yangon is becoming easier by the day as airlines add flights to the commercial capital, Yangon. The door is now unlocked, watch as we introduce the bustling commercial capital, Yangon.

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Travel Overview to Yangon

Once you arrive in Yangon, it won’t take long for your five senses to go into overdrive. Unique smells, sounds, sights, touches and tastes surround you. Yangon is rapidly growing and maturing with outside trade, is chaotic at times, yet it’s full of golden pagodas, colonial era architecture, markets, museums and restaurants. If you really want to visit, especially for the culture, heritage, and traditions, NOW is the time.

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Yangon, Myanmar | Rich in History

With deep British roots, some of you may better know Myanmar as Burma, as well as Yangon’s former name of Rangoon. Both the city and nation were internationally isolated for many years and as a result the city and surrounding areas have been well preserved.

You’ve likely heard about the recent political reforms here, which has put an end to the isolation and is driving force behind the fast modernization of the city. Despite the rapid change, so much culture and tradition has been preserved, and you don’t have to look far to truly discover Yangon’s colonial roots.

British Influence in Yangon

As you look around, you’ll quickly notice the colonial British influence in the architecture. There’s also popular activities including high tea at The Stand Hotel. Like most other cities in the region, Yangon is a true melting pot with both a China Town and a Little India. A must for foodies!

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What to see and do in Yangon

Aside from visiting the known landmarks such as The Strand Hotel or areas such as China Town, there’s the National Museum if you’re really interested in Myanmar’s history. There is one attraction that stands out above everything else, the magnificent 2,500 year old Shwedagon Pagoda.

The Shwedagon Pagoda is not only one of the great religious wonders of the world, but it’s nearly 110 meters high, covered with gold plates, and topped with nearly 500 diamonds. The largest of the diamonds, a mere 72 karats – not bad, eh? Depending on your interests, there’s so much to see and do we guarantee you won’t get bored. Remember, this is one of the final tourism frontiers and it’s best to visit now as things are changing.

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