iTravel Channel Reaches a 5th Anniversary Milestone


The iTravel Channel Celebrates its 5th Anniversary with Two Gifts for its Viewers


The iTravel channel has been bringing viewers news and information from all around the ASEAN region on everything travel, aviation and hospitality-related for five years now. To celebrate our birthday, we are excited to announce that we are launching two new shows.

These new shows include a re-branded version of iTravel Exclusives that offers the viewer even more information than before. We’re also re-branding iTravel Updates into a new format and a new title – iTravel Rundown.

  • Pia's Journey to Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sea Sand and Sun Pattaya
  • Kirby Studios Video Production

The iTravel Channel Debuts Two New shows

iTravel Exclusives has long been the go-to show for information about events and happenings all around the ASEAN region. By rebranding the show into a new studio look and a talk-show-like format, we’ll be able to offer more up-to-date information than ever before.

We’ll invite guests who are experts in their fields to share their views via Skype and video interviews and get their perspectives of the many topics we’ll be exploring. These topics will include events, special travel programs and incentives, upcoming festivals and industry conventions and gatherings that have a direct impact on the tourism industry.

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