Exclusive iTravel Shows

We take pride in our productions and are pleased to present the line-up of iTravel exclusive programming currently in production. Enjoy our programming of all things travel from news to guides to entertainment, all with travel and lifestyle in mind.

iTravel Exclusives News

One of a kind news show hosted by international news reporter and TV personality Patchari Raksawong. Covers travel news in Southeast Asia, primarily Thailand and Myanmar.

iTravel Tips Guide

Our popular iTips guide prepares you for arrival at a new destination with important information such as language basics, exchanging currency, purchasing mobile SIM cards, and getting around. The knowledge we share will minimize stress and anxiety you may experience upon arrival.

iTravel Updates

Your video guide to upcoming events, parties, and festivals in Southeast, particularly in Thailand.

Eat Asia

Our popular hit with foodies, learn about the regional cuisine!

Romantic Escapes

This iTravel exclusive programming features the best romantic destinations in Thailand. Romantic Escapes show is an ideal travel guide to plan a special trip, be it a couple’s getaway or a honeymoon.

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