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Exclusives delivers the latest travel news in Thailand and Myanmar

The iTravel Exclusives show is one of a kind, featuring the latest travel news in both Thailand and Myanmar. Our latest episodes feature our new host, international news reporter and television personality, Patchari Raksawong.

Thailand and Myanmar’s Important Travel News & Events

At iTravel Exclusives, we deliver you the latest news scoop covering a variety of travel and lifestyle events, happening in and around Thailand, Myanmar, and neighboring nations. We also work with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in bringing you their latest news along with interviews from key business, government, and industry leaders. Join us for an engaging conversation as we bring these event highlights direct to your computer or mobile device.

Stay in the Know with iTravel Exclusives

When it comes to what’s new and trending, stay in the know with iTravel Exclusives. Join us as we bring you unique perspectives about people of interest, unique events, cultures, and fascinating histories across Asia — we even share our travel secrets with you as an iTravel viewer. iTravel Exclusives is filmed both on location and in our Bangkok-based television studio. What would you like to see on an upcoming iTravel Exclusive? Let us know!


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Songkran Festival in Thailand

Song Kran is the Thai New Year, which falls on 13 April every year but also includes the 14th and 15th as part of the celebration. Song Kran is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘astrological passage’, referring to a period of transition or change.

Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand

Loy Krathong is arguably Thailand’s most beautiful festival. Held on the night of the twelfth lunar month , when the full moon shines brightly in the inky black sky, this festival is an honouring of the goddess of water. To pay their respects to this goddess, and to try to ensure good fortune and prosperity in the months to come, Thai people construct elaborate lotus-shaped rafts (krathongs) decorated with incense, flowers and candles and release them into lakes, rivers, canals, and the sea.

World Festivals

Thailand Travel Mart Plus (TTM+)

Thailand Travel Mart Plus is the country’s biggest annual trade fair and a very important event which draws in buyers from far-flung regions like South Africa, India and Australia.

Elephant Polo Tournament

iTravelChannel’s “Elephant Polo” series of shows is dedicated to this phenomenal event and not only gives you more information about the tournament but helps you get up close and personal to the people – and animals – involved.

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