iTravel chats to Jeff about his latest exciting TV project


Ocean Mysteries, new TV series


For the past 2 decades, Jeff Corwin has been entertaining and informing television audiences about the many diverse habitats and species which inhabit our world. He has worked tirelessly to conserve endangered animals and fragile ecosystems, and believes wholeheartedly in the power of awareness and education to help preserve our natural environment. Now he is fronting a brand new TV series, entitled Ocean Mysteries, some of which is being shot in Thailand, and iTravel was privileged to sit down with Jeff and discuss this exciting new show as part of our unmissable iTravel Exclusives.
Jeff Corwin Uncovers the Watery Wonders of Thailand
Ocean Mysteries focuses on the vital connection between the sea and life on our planet, and also explores other watery realms and the creatures which depend on them, as well as the impact water has on people – and vice versa. Corwin, who has been to Thailand numerous times and is familiar with Thai culture and the country’s rich ecosystems, describes the importance of water to Thailand’s people. From the marine life of Koh Samui to the rainforests of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, there is so much to uncover when examining the connection between water and the animals and people of the Land of Smiles.

As Jeff explains, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has played a crucial role in helping with the filming of Ocean Mysteries, finding exciting stories for the show to focus on. In this special year of the launch of TAT’s Discover Thainess campaign, Jeff’s fascinating series will highlight the efforts made by Thai organizations and special individuals to help preserve and protect this country’s diverse ecosystems – so stay tuned and be sure to catch this educational, entertaining and highly poignant new show to learn more, not only about Thailand, but about the incredible world we live in.

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