The Fascinating Cinematic Theatre Show of KAAN – Pattaya


Visit the New Entertainment Industry, KAAN Show Pattaya


A new theatre has just opened up in Pattaya and that is the D’Luck Cinematic Theatre starring the anticipating KAAN Show.

The show has been in progress for over 3 years with over 600 talented actors and the Dream Team of Entertainment production behind it.

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The Cast and Crew

KAAN Show has gathered experts from different art industries including famous Producers and Artistic Directors as well as a professional in theatrical plays and Live Shows to coach the cast, crew and staff.

The show wants to portray a new style of Thai literature with amazing special effects and animation.

As for the Actors they are all professional athletes such as gymnasts, free Runners, fencing professionals and even martial arts professionals.

They have trained very hard for 2 years in order to make a perfect, enjoyable show.

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