Keep Your Belongings Safe With High-Tech Luggage




Being involved in a crime is the most dreadful thing for travelers. Most luggage comes with very secure padlocks and zips, but they might not be sufficient for very high-tech criminals.
Travelon range, has an RFID blocking technology implemented in their bag. RFID blocks the radio signals from outside the bag to prevent credit card skimming. This method keeps your digital data safe from the hands of smart thieves.

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Lifepack can also withstand blades and razors from penetrating your lovely luggage. This life pack also has an integrated USB charger for your smart device to get some more juice. Lifepack also comes with a Solarbank which works as a power bank, Bluetooth speakers, and a solar power system.

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Surely almost everyone has a smartphone, but wouldn’t it be great if you can make your luggage work together with your smartphone? Samsonite and Delsey developed the GeoTrackR and Pluggage to answer that question. This luggage uses a sophisticated internal tracking device called Lugloc, a Bluetooth proximity sensor that is specially designed for smartphone apps to pinpoint the location of your luggage if it goes missing.


Intergrated Charging

Travelers nowadays probably carry more than 2-3 portable devices with them. Whether they are a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or camera, you will find Arlo Skye and the Away Carry-on cases come in handy sometimes if your device runs out of juice. Furthermore, with short-circuit and surge protection it will ensure that your gadgets won’t come to harm.

We recommend you take a look at these products to help you on your journey where-ever you go.

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