Stunning Khan Ka Dai Cave Temple


Guide to Khan Ka Dai Cave Temple in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand


Even after seeing hundreds of temples (or ‘Wats’) any traveller will find themself spellbound by the serenity and alluring beauty of the Khan Ka Dai Cave Temple. The temple features skillfully preserved classical Thai architecture, making for post-card perfect photos. While the picturesque temple above ground is beautiful enough, the real attraction behind this Wat lies below ground in the caverns, which multiple ornate Buddha statues call home.
Khan Ka Dai Cave Temple
The fascinating caves offer a prime example of the region’s natural geography, with rock formations formed thousands of years ago. Visitors can explore these caverns and appreciate the marvelous rock patterns and formations. The golden Slumbering Buddha statue located within is not only visually stunning but is itself over 300 years old, a perfect display of Thai culture and the endurance of its craftsmanship.

Reaching the cave involves a blissful walk through lush forested hills to the Khao Khan Kradai Mountain, where a trail winds around the mountain to the cave and temple. The views this affords are simply mesmerizing. Within the vicinity are the two marvelous bays, Ao Noi and Ao Khan Kradai, waiting to be explored. To get to the area follow the coastal road 8km North of Prachuap city towards Ao Noi.

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