Koh Hong- An Unspoiled Paradise


Immerse Yourself in the Natural Beauty of Koh Hong


Kho Hong is a breathtakingly beautiful island that lies midway between Krabi and Yao Yai Island in Phang Nga Bay. It’s a well-known destination for nature-lovers and casual tourists alike.

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The island is part of Thailand’s National Maritime Park and offers pristine, white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters as well as a lagoon in the center of the island.

Koh Hong Krabi Thailand
The main beach on Koh Hong.

‘Koh Hong’ actually means ‘Hong Island’ and the two names are both used to refer to the island. It can be reached by boat in about an hour from Ao Nang beach in Krabi.

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Things to See

The beauty of Koh Hong lies in the undisturbed nature of the park. With soaring, limestone cliffs and karsts, lush, verdant jungles and calm beautiful waters both in and surrounding the island it’s no wonder that the island doesn’t need any other man-made attractions to guarantee its popularity.

Koh Hong Krabi Thailand
The island is a part of the National Maritime Park System of Thailand.

One of the highlights of the island is its central, almost hidden, lagoon that can be entered through a narrow channel by boat when the tide is high enough to allow safe passage. The lagoon is surrounded by tall cliffs that shield it from view from the sea.

Koh Hong Krabi Thailand
The island features white sand beaches, soaring cliffs and lush jungles.

The wildlife is also notable. Besides the many species of birds on the island, Koh Hong is also home to large monitor lizards that often can be seen on the beaches in the early morning hours, before the crowds arrive. It’s also home to a family of white-faced gibbons, which you may be able to spot swinging high in the treetops when you’re hiking through the jungle.

Koh Hong Krabi Thailand
Try to get an early start to claim a nice place on the beach.

Things to Do

Hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and, of course, sunbathing are the four main activities to pursue on Koh Hong. The calm, warm and clear waters of the ocean and lagoon provide a rewarding experience for snorkelers and kayakers.

Koh Hong Krabi Thailand
Snorkeling is popular activity in the waters around Koh Hong.

For snorkelers, sticking close around the cliffs will give you lots of opportunities to see numerous varieties of both hard and soft coral as well as brightly-colored tropical fish. Kayakers can explore the various bays and inlets easily reached within a day’s leisurely kayaking.

Koh Hong Krabi Thailand
Be sure to wear waterproof sunscreen if you spend much time in the water.

Hikers can enjoy a lush, ancient jungle that has been left largely untouched by civilization for hundreds of years and explore the limestone cliffs with hanging gardens of foliage that are practically everywhere on the island.

Things to Know Before Going to Koh Hong

The most popular way to get to the island is by renting a long-tail boat from the numerous vendors on Ao Nang beach in Krabi. It will cost 2,500 baht for the day and the boats hold up to six people. The boat service is available from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Koh Hong Krabi Thailand
The turquoise waters of Koh Hong are one its biggest draws.

When you reach the island, the park charges 200 Baht for the entrance fee. Although there are two small shops on the island selling snacks and drinks, you should really plan on bringing your own lunch, snacks and beverages with you.

Koh Hong Krabi Thailand
The entrance fee to Koh Hong is 200 Baht.

For hikers, remember to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes and some insect repellent and everyone should bring plenty of sun-screen, towels and perhaps a change of clothing.

Koh Hong Krabi Thailand
There are rules in place to protect the marine life.
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