Guide to Koh Samui Top Nightlife Activities


Guide to Koh Samui Top Nightlife | Bars and Restaurants


Samui has carved out a special niche for itself in recent years. Because there are limited ways to get here, a higher caliber of tourist is attracted so its certainly not just beers and bars available. When the sun goes down, party goers and families alike go out to play.

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Chaweng Beach Nightlife, Koh Samui

The streets by Chaweng Beach are full of shopping and delicious eateries which is perfect for adults with children to explore. But I like that the island offers something for all tastes.

Reggae Pub, Koh Samui

One of the places that has become an icon of the island is the Reggae pub beside Chaweng Beach. It was founded in 1988 by a Thai reggae enthusiast and at the time was just a tiny beach bar. Today the place is huge and the dance floor is usually full by Midnight every night, but the feel is still laid back.
Guide to Koh Samui Top Nightlife Activities

Cha Cha Moon, Koh Samui

Cha Cha Moon is a newcomer to the islands evening options. It’s a restaurant during the day but as the night closes in the beachfront hot spot transforms to a house music lounge.

9 Gems Koh Samui, Lounge and Restaurant

But if you want to party like a rock star – literally – then 9 Gems is where you need to head. This is a resort, bar and restaurant combined in one hill top luxury villa that has welcomed celebrities like rapper Ludacris. They have only two rooms but you can hire the whole spectacular building. Come here for sunset drinks followed by a private dinner with a handpicked menu by the owner Khun Lek . Think French Foie Gras and Champagne soup with fresh scallops.

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