Krabi, Thailand – A Visitor’s Paradise


Plan Your 3-Day Escape to Krabi


The destination of Krabi is not as well-known as some of the more popular resort areas in Thailand, but visitors who have experienced it once have put it high on their list of places to return to. And, the Tourism Authority of Thailand office in Krabi is working hard to spread the word about this beautiful region of the country.

Layana Resort Koh Lanta
Enjoying a cool pool-side drink.

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Visually, Krabi is simply stunning. The natural and primeval beauty of the limestone cliffs, undisturbed tropical forests and turquoise, crystal-clear waters have made Krabi a growing favorite among travelers. The Thai people take pride in the area and have created the National Maritime Park that serves to protect this natural gem from over-development.

Koh Hong Krabi, Thailand.
The stunning beauty of Krabi, Thailand lures visitors from around the world.

Whether you’re a hiker, snorkeler, scuba-diver or even a rock-climber, your pastime will be enjoyed amid breath-taking natural beauty in Krabi.

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Getting to Krabi, Thailand

Krabi airport services international flights as well as domestic. Thai Airways offers several daily flights from Bangkok and the airport is conveniently located about 15 kilometers from the main town of Krabi.

From the airport to your destination, you can choose from private taxi services, shared minivan shuttles or even rent a car for the length of your visit.

Layana Resort Koh Lanta
Layana Resort and Spa on Koh Lanta offers beach-side luxury.

The region offers many luxurious resorts within the beauty of the natural surroundings, such as the Layana Resort and Spa and the Pimilai Resort and Spa. It’s a good idea to spend some time online looking at what the different resorts have to offer and their location before making your choice.

Pimalai Resort Koh Lanta
Enjoy breath-taking ocean views at Pimilai Resort and Spa on Koh Lanta.
Pimalai Resort Koh Lanta
Pimilai Resort and Spa offers modern amenities in a Thai style.

Explore the Natural Beauty of the Region

The best way to explore the beauty of Krabi is by boat. Luxury yachts are available for charter, as well as the local long-tail boats. Have the resort arrange to have a boat pick you up.

Railay Beach Krabi
The limestone cliffs of the region provide a backdrop to Krabi’s beaches and coves.

Your boat driver will be happy to take you anywhere you want to go. You’re in charge of the day’s activities and destinations. The driver may also be able to take you to some hidden and un-crowded locations that are only known to locals.

Some of the more luxurious boats will provide all the food and refreshments along with the cost of the charter. The only things you’ll need are the essentials: plenty of sunscreen, towels, swimsuits and a change of clothes. Some of them will even provide snorkeling equipment.

Cooking Class at Layana Resort Koh Lanta
Learn Thai-cooking skills at Layana Resort and Spa.

After a solid morning of touring the region, you may want to get out of the heat of the afternoon and head back to your resort. Many resorts offer lessons and instruction in various aspects of the Thai culture including the most popular ones, Thai cooking classes and Muay Thai boxing. Or, you can just lie around the pool or beach sipping a tropical drink and enjoying the beauty of the region.

Muay Thai Class at Layana Resort Koh Lanta
Layan Resort and Spa also offers classes in Muay Thai.
Pimalai Resort Koh Lanta
Relaxing on the beach at Pimilai Resort and Spa.
Pimalai Resort Koh Lanta
The clean, clear and calm waters are one of the main features of Krabi.

Sunset Dining by the Water

Krabi has an active fishing community and they provide the resorts with a wide variety of fresh seafood on a daily basis. A perfect way to end your day in Krabi is to enjoy a magnificent sunset by the water accompanied by the sound of gentle waves and a warm breeze while dining on an exquisitely prepared seafood meal.

Sunset Dinner by the beach at Layana Resort Koh Lanta
Beach-side, sunset dining at Layana Resort and Spa.

Most all of the resorts offer a full range of both western food favorites as well as lovingly crafted Thai dishes for their guests to choose from.

Sunset Dinner by the beach at Layana Resort Koh Lanta
Most resorts offer a wide range of both western and Thai foods.

Spa Treatments – Thai-style

A growing number of resorts in the region have added a full complement of spa treatments performed by skilled Thai hands to their list of amenities, so guests don’t even have to leave the grounds of the resort to receive a Thai-style spa treatment.

Wareerak Hot Spring and Spa
A trip to Wareerak Hot Springs and Spa should be on everyone’s agenda.

Other resorts, such as Wareerak Hot Spring Spa, have made the spa experience the central focus of a stay there and provide complete wellness programs. Whichever option you choose, you’ll come away from a holiday in Krabi well-rested and rejuvenated.

Wareerak Hot Spring and Spa
Unwind with a Thai-style massage.
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