Lampang, Thailand: Where Time Stands Still


Lampang, Thailand: Where Time Stands Still


The iTravel Channel TV Media Network team recently travelled to the northern Thai province of Lampang, Thailand dubbed by TAT the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ of Thailand’s many diverse regions due to the fact that here time really does seem to stand still and age-old traditions can still be experienced and savoured by visitors.

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Discover Thainess in Lampang

As we were exploring Lampang as part of our Discover Thainess campaign it was fitting that our new host Daniel Marsh was able to enjoy various aspects of Thainess during his stay in the province. Despite some initial struggles with language-based ‘gender issues’, Daniel soon found himself immersed in the beauty of Thainess in Lampang. From visiting stunning temples such as Wat Phra That to feasting on delectable Thai foods like kao soy (which Daniel learned to make himself) and interacting with friendly vendors at a bustling Lampang market, Daniel got to experience first-hand the warmth and richness of Thai people and their culture.

Activities to do in Lampang, Thailand

The iTravel team also enjoyed trying out some of the attractions for which Lampang is most famous – for example, visiting the Ceramic Village where we learned how to make and paint our own beautiful ceramic bowls. The province is famous for its production of stunning ceramic items so it’s well worth buying a few when you visit. Another distinctly Lampang practice involves a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. As well as bicycling through the picturesque countryside, hosts Daniel and Angie got to see Lampang from a unique perspective with their very own carriage ride; Daniel even had a chance to take the reins, another novel, fun-filled and distinctly Thai experience.

Plan your Lampang Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

As you can see in the video, hosts Daniel and Angie had an amazing time during our tour of this stunning Northern Province. Lampang was a truly magical place for the iTravel team to explore, and more than lives up to its nickname of Sleeping Beauty, thanks to its beauty, tranquillity and timeless charm. It is also a distinctly Thai destination, showcasing some of the very finest aspects of Thainess, and is sure to delight everyone who visits hoping to experience an authentic taste of Thailand.

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