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Las Vegas Artist Brad Wilkinson Dazzles Crowd at Shangri-La Bangkok


Vegas Magazine refers to him as “Las Vegas’s most prolific lounge painter” while Nevada Public radio simply said, “Brad Wilkinson. Trendsetter.” His work is one of a kind and he’s painted many celebrities including the renowned designer Tom Wood to supermodels Kate Moss and Emily Ratajkowski.
Wilkinson recently traveled to Bangkok where the crowd in the lounge lobby of the Shangri-La Bangkok was left in awe. The audience was enthralled as he did a live painting of a Thai beauty queen in the intimate lobby lounge setting.

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Getting Focused – from the US Navy to Art

Being able to create visually stunning live paintings on the fly isn’t something that happens overnight. In fact, Wilkinson was once in the US Navy with aspirations of becoming a SEAL.
Prior to making his way to a US Navy recruitment officer, he was enrolled at an art college in the southeastern United States. Not fitting in, his next step was attending the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, but that didn’t last long either. Needless to say, Wilkinson didn’t become a Navy SEAL and left the military.
During a “down and out” phase in his life, he discovered art. It was only a matter of time until he scored his first real gig and his career in live paintings skyrocketed.

Revitalization of Romanticism

In basic terms, Wilkinson refers to this as enjoying art in an intimate setting with those close to you. Instead of cyber-dating or nightclubbing in today’s society where people text one another instead of talking, his goal is to encourage conversation, in an intimate setting, while watching live art.

Tickets Available Through Shangri-La Bangkok

Watch Wilkinson perform nightly, starting at 7pm, from September 13th to the 17th or the following week from the 21st to the 24th. Tickets for this unique opportunity cost 1,000 THB (net) per person in the Lobby Lounge at the Shangri-La Bangkok.
All of the paintings from his two-week Bangkok stint will be sold at auction with the proceeds benefiting handicapped individuals through The Foundation for The Welfare of The Mentally Retarded of Thailand.

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