Tak Celebrates Loi Krathong Festival with 6-day Extravaganza


10 teams battle to win the Royal Trophy for best Krathong


We headed to Northern Thailand to Tak, a fairly remote province bordering Myanmar where they love Loy Krathong so much that they feel its a shame to celebrate it on only one day a year. Instead they choose to stretch out the fun and festivities over six whole days .
Loi Krathong Festival 2015 (Tak, Thailand)
The festival is held in Tak, the provincial capital on the Ping river against the spectacular backdrop of a 200 year old wooden suspension bridge and this year ran from 21-26 November, drawing in thousands of tourists, both Thai and Western. Over the course of the six days, visitors are treated to a nightly spectacle of colourful parades, classic Thai performances and a beautiful yet undeniably fierce competition, where ten teams battle it out to win the Royal trophy for best Krathong and cultural performance.

An event of this size is only made possible through close collaboration between various public and private bodies, working closely together. Thamonwan Ruangkachorn, the Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Tak province, spoke with us about how the event was a source of pride for the province and said that she has high hopes for its future as a major fixture on Thailand’s festival calendar.

The sight of the Krathongs being floated down the river, trailed by one thousand smaller glittering lanterns or coconut shell krathongs left the crowds mesmerised and the accompanying cultural performances set on a giant, exquisitely decorated floating stage on the river created an atmosphere that is hard to beat and impossible to forget.

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