Making of the Women’s Journey Thailand Video


Women’s Journey Thailand 2017


The iTravel Channel and Kirby studios crew have been busy recently with an advertisement campaign for Women’s Journey Thailand 2017 that is launching in August. This is the second year the campaign is running and it offers an opportunity for female travellers from around the world to enjoy in a huge range of activities, special deals, discounts and privileges in Thailand, throughout the month of August.

  • Pia's Journey to Bangkok, Thailand
  • Kirby Studios Video Production
  • Sea Sand and Sun Pattaya

Time To Find The Best Locations

On Friday the 24th the team left the studio at mid-day to start scouting for the best locations to film. It was a full day as the team headed to Emquartier and Siam Paragon shopping centres, Grande Centre Point hotel and the Indigo hotel.

The purpose of the trip was to scout within these locations and find the best angles and lighting to film and to act and play out what the models would do on the days of filming. This way the team had a vision and a direction on the day of production.

It’s common for the team to survey areas prior to production day as it saves a lot of time on the day of filming. The team discussed many options and after returning to the studio around 8pm they were confident everything would run smoothly on the day.

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