Mo Chit Bus Station Bangkok


Largest and Busiest Bus Terminal for Northern Part of Thailand


For your ultimate cultural experiences! Mochit Bus Terminal, or the station of Bangkok’s north is the one that covers most distance. It is the largest, the busiest and covers the northern and north-eastern part of Thailand. To get there, get off at the BTS Mochit or MRT Chatuchak Park and take a 10 minute taxi ride to the bus terminal. For your ultimate cultural experience, these buses will take you there!

The buses at Mochit cover distances between four hours to 15 hours. Out of all the terminals, this one covers the most number of destinations. Prices depend on class and distance. There is not a big difference between the prices of the classes but a big difference in comfort. The prices range from 59 baht first class to Sriracha and 1114 baht first class to Satoon. Due to the longer travel distances, overnight trips are made available complete with cabins and bunks. These are also divided into first and second class.

In first class, your will have your own cabin and bathroom while in second class, you are sharing with three other people. This is not the only option however, you can also buy yourself a seat for the overnight ride, but it might be difficult to catch a wink this way! Mochit will take you to many different places for your dose of culture. Head to Kanchanaburi to see the Tiger Temple and the Erawan Falls- a seven-tiered waterfall. Or check out Ayuthaya, the original capital of Thailand with a story to tell!

Then there is Chang Mai in the North, here is where you will find the tribal villages co-existing with one another and away from any civilization. Mochit- the one stop shop to cover all your distances in Thailand. We will leave you with one last tip when it comes to taking the Mochit buses. Pack light. It will always work to your advantage.

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