Guide to Moto Taxis in Bangkok, Thailand


Things to know about Moto Taxis in Bangkok, Thailand 


Bangkok is famous for its traffic – but there is also another famous way to beat the gridlock that is exhilarating, easy and a little scary – Moto Taxis. These are motorbikes driven by registered drivers in orange vests that you see on almost every corner of the city. Riding a moto isn’t for the faint hearted but it can save you a lot of hassle – so here is the low down on motosai taxis. The way to tell an authorized moto taxi, look for the orange vests.

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Where to find Moto Taxis in Bangkok

Every main street will have like a little base of drivers that work from that spot always. This makes sure that the drivers know the surrounding areas really well. Motos are best when you need to go a short distance. Just go up to one of these stands and if you can’t speak Thai indicate that you would like a ride with your hand. Then simply tell them your desired destination and hop on the back.

Prices for Moto Taxis

For trips of about 5 minutes, usually you will pay about 20 – 40 baht. And I recommend you hold on tight if you aren’t used to riding a motorbike. Ok so here are the rules for riding on a moto.

How to Ride Moto Taxis

Basically girls if you are in a skirt you need to do as locals do and sit ‘side saddle’ while holding on to the back of the bike with one hand. But if you have pants on, feel free to ride the moto normally behind the driver but still hold on to the back of the bike rather than the driver unless you know them very well! Guys if you need to be somewhere in a hurry, then a moto taxi is the best way to go. Just remember to be safe and request a helmet.

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