Mountains, Mist and the Magic of Nature – Welcome to Nong Khai


A uniquely simple look at the life in Thailand.


Sitting right on the border between Thailand and Laos, Nong Khai is often just thought of as the gateway between the two. But actually my friends, this place is far more than that. We began our exploration of this North-Eastern town by a sunrise trip to Phu Huai Isan Sunrise Viewpoint, to see the very aptly named, ‘Ocean of Mist.’ As your climb the mountain ranges here in a van, the most incredible view will greet you. Starting at 5:30am mist rises from the river below to blanket the area in an almost mythical covering, but you can only catch this sight in December and January each year.

After some delicious local coffee it was time to visit the stunning Ta Yak Waterfall in Sangkhom district, before we were in for some traditional boat action with the local fishermen.  We took in the rustic beauty of the river as the fishermen showed us their techniques for throwing nets and give you a glimpse into their lives. But the best part had to be taken to the Nong Khai Grand Canyon by boat – one of the most secretive but stunning attractions in Thailand. These are ancient rock formations which kind of look like you have stepped into a star wars film set, its really worth seeing. I have to say – Nong Khai is a quiet, calm and charmingly beautiful location.

If you want to see the traditional life of the locals, and a quieter side away from the bustle of Bangkok or the beach life in the islands, then come here. It’s largely untouched and will give a uniquely simple look at life in Thailand. 

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