Muay Thai Angels 2014


World Champion Muay Thai Angels 2014 in Koh Samui, Thailand


Muay Thai is a martial art native to Thailand that has been practiced for many hundreds of years. It is thought to have been developed as a form of close combat defense on the battlefields, but we know that since 1584 it was a part of the Thai royal army training. 
Muay Thai Angels 2014 in Samui, Thailand
Today, thanks to Hollywood and the rise of Muay Thai stars internationally, the sport is growing fast. The World Muay Thai Angels competition started in 2013 with 16 international fighters and was created to promote females of the highest level in the sport.
Muay Thai Angels 2014 in Samui, Thailand

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Winner of Muay Thai Angels 2014

This event was the finals of a yearlong search. And what made the stakes particularly high was the fact that Thailand had two fighters represented in the ring. The four female boxers in the finals were whittled down to just two in the final, Chommanee So Taehiran from Thailand and Sindy Heyer from Italy. After a bitter battle, 20-year-old Chomanee was crowned the world champion to the elation of the excited crowd.
Muay Thai Angels 2014 in Samui, Thailand

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