You’re Never Alone – The Realities of Crowded Tourist Hotspots


Disposable Income is another big factor. As the world’s economy continues to grow, more people are having the income to spend on travel. And, the travelers are also mainly the educated and adventurous.

This has been really dramatic in a large-population country like China, where income levels have risen to the point that they allow people who’ve never traveled before to experience the world outside their own country. These growing incomes, coupled with cheaper air travel form two-thirds of the perfect storm in the explosion of tourism.

The third and certainly the most wide-spread reason, is of course, the internet. In the past, travelers had to carry around books and maps of the places they visited. Nowadays, your mobile phone acts as a library full of up-to-date information about whatever city in the world you happen to be in.

With the added benefits of GPS, you can quickly locate your whereabouts on Google maps and easily find hotels, restaurants and attractions that are close to your location. With online travel services websites, you also can easily make changes to your travel itinerary.

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