You’re Never Alone – The Realities of Crowded Tourist Hotspots


The Good and the Bad Sides of Increased Travel


The good news of this growth in travel is that it helps developing countries who have struggled to boost their economies and infrastructure. They’ve realized that by increasing the world’s awareness of what they have to offer tourists, they can earn the funds to improve their infrastructure and create thousands of jobs in order to meet the demands of tourism.

An increase in tourism affects almost everyone in the area of a major tourist hotspot. Everyone from bus drivers to local street food vendors all benefit by the steady increase in tourism.

Tourism also helps in less tangible ways. Travelers who have had a good experience in a foreign country will be more open to understanding that people, the world over, are not that much different after all. They’ll tend to pay more attention to the world as a whole instead of just caring about their own country. And, that can only be a good thing.

However, the bad side of this is the increased numbers of travelers in the skies and at major attractions. As officials struggle to keep up with the numbers of tourists descending on their countries, expect to find increasing delays, long lines at check-in, increased security at airports, overbooked resorts and crowded beaches and attractions. Add to this those travelers who become angry at all of these negatives and make a scene. All these can turn a holiday into a nightmare. So what can travelers do about it?

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