One Moon, Five Zones: Koh Phangan (Part 2)


Welcome to Zone 2 of Koh Phangan


Located on the South East of the island is Haad Rin Beach which is the main stage of the Full Moon Party. By day, this is a stunning white sand beach where you can chill out in the sun, partake in the monthly Volleyball or Football tournaments or just take it easy before the party kicks off.  But by night, the beach landscape is completely transformed to the ultimate partying mecca! What may come as a surprise is the set up here for the monthly event is very controlled, organized and regulated. Each entrance is monitored by police and there is paramedics, CCTV, sleep zones and relaxing spots on site. Another thing that is internationally synonymous with the Full Moon Party is the infamous bucket. Basically this is a plastic pail that is sold by tiny stalls by the dance floor that is a mix of soft drinks and alcohol in a hefty blend that you won’t forget quickly!
Koh Phangan Full Moon Party
As the sun rises again the next morning, and partygoers head back to their resorts the island returns to its relaxing self. The Full Moon Party is a once in a lifetime event that you have to experience. It’s the crazy mix of the beach, the full moon lighting the dancing revelers, the amazing music, the international people – there is nothing like it.

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