One Moon, Five Zones: Koh Phangan (Part 3)


Welcome to Zone 3 of Koh Phangan


When I thought of Phangan before, I imagined resorts, shopping and hotels. But the reality is 40 percent of its land mass is protected area and is largely untouched. It was the islands rich natural landscape that made Koh Phangan King Rama the 5th favorite vacation spot. He visited 14 times with his family, and each year he engraved a large stone at Than Sadet waterfall with the date because it made such an impression on him. And today you can still see these historical markings on the rocks.
Heritage and Nature of Koh Phangan
And if you like to vacation like royalty too, the best resorts are located at Tong Nai Pang Beach just near by. One completely unique activity you can do that I cannot recommend more is visiting these waterfalls at night. Bring your own flashlights and some good shoes and make your way through the jungle path and you will be rewarded with an epic moonlit view of the waterfall that makes the whole setting seem unreal.

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