One Moon, Five Zones: Koh Phangan (Part 4)


Welcome to Zone 4 of Koh Phangan


Located on the calmer Northern end of Koh Phangan is Chaloklum Bay. This is a sleepy fisherman’s village and a relic from the time where fishing was the biggest industry of the island. And while it may no longer be the biggest, it is still hugely important to this community. The main catch here is squid, supplemented by fish too. The squid is sold both fresh and dried, but to this day every part of the processing is still done by hand. And of course, if fresh seafood is your thing – it doesn’t get fresher than here.
Zone 4, Into the Sea
The village is dotted with laid back Thai restaurants on the sea that source all produce that day. Or you can choose to enjoy a beachside picnic, munching on that morning’s catch with a view to die for. The other benefit of having perfect weather is that the sun is utilized to dry the fresh squid into a popular snack food, which is the main source of income for local fishermen in this area. It’s so funny, because the name Malibu beach denotes somewhere loud and crazy – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The beach is totally relaxed and quiet, and the palm trees that surround it mean that it’s the perfect spot for a romantic picnic or to take in the sunset with friends.

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