One Moon, Five Zones: Koh Phangan (Part 5)


Welcome to Zone 5 of Koh Phangan


One lesser-known part of the island’s activities, mostly located on the Western side, is a host of wellness-based businesses. And one of the most popular things to do is take a week-long yoga retreat which means you can stay at specialized accommodation which provides daily classes, meditation and more. And to make sure you are taking care of yourself internally as well, you can check out the cool and growing group of organic and vegetarian cafes, like the Art Café also in the North West part of the island.
Health & Wellness in Koh Phangan
In contrast to the party crowd – because of its incredible natural beauty and growing community in the health and wellness field here, a lot of internationals are falling in love and relocating here permanently. Just like Julien who handmade his own house incorporating the natural rock formations. Going hand in hand with health and wellness, has to be the spiritual aspect and the island is not short on that either. All over the area are the most incredible and varied Buddhist temples that you can visit. Visiting temples, like Wat Sri Tanu is a way to get insight into not only the religious aspects, but also the local people and their traditions. An interesting holy place is the footprint of the famous Abbott, that people believe to be a miracle as he was able to imprint in the rock.

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