One Moon, Five Zones: Koh Phangan (Part 1)


Welcome to Zone 1 of Koh Phangan


Welcome to Zone One, the Commercial Centre of Phangan. The main port of the island located in the South-West of the island is Thong Sala Pier and this is where you will first touch ground as you arrive. In order to explore the island, you can easily find your next mode of transportation here. Waiting right at the pier you can choose from private taxi, public van, hotel van or if you are more adventurous, rent a motorbike. So if you are super organised – or not – it won’t be a problem to get where you want to be. And if you guys are worried about getting cash out, there are many ATMs from various banks around this area – so fees can be avoided too.
The shops are specialised in all kinds of beachwear, Full Moon party gear and lots of sunscreen! My tip is that if you want to stock up on beach essentials this is where you want to do your shopping before you head on to your destination. And if you are anything like me and love your food cheap, local and incredibly delicious, then you have to check out Pantip Food Market. Starting around 4pm and there is lots of traditional Thai street food like Som Tum and coconut ice cream – for cheap!

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