Delicious go to Vegetable Dish – Pad Kana Moo Krob


How to Cook Pad Kana Moo Krob


1. Deep fry the pork belly strips until it is nice and golden.

2. Wash the Chinese kale then slice up the vegetables in to medium pieces, don’t make them too small.

3. Heat up the pan on a high heat then put the vegetable oil in. Fry the garlic and chilli for around 20 seconds until it is nice and fragrant, careful to not let it burn.

4. Put in the Chinese kale and stir fry for a few seconds before adding the oyster sauce, fish sauce, brown sugar and soy sauce.

5. After the Chinese kale starts to reduce its size then add in some water, stir fry it for about 10 seconds before adding the fried pork belly strips.

6. Stir fry everything together for a few moments before turning off the heat.

7. Place in a plate and pair it with lovely warm jasmine rice.

And there you have it, a delicious dish ready to eat.

Good luck in the kitchen. Enjoy!

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