Pad See Ew, Quick and Delicious Street Food


How to make Pad See Ew


1. The first step is to prepare all the ingredient before hands since Pad See Ew needs to be done very quick.
2. Mince 3 cloves of garlic, and then slice the prepared meat into preferable size, and also slices the chinse broccoli into stripes.
3. Heat the pan into medium heat and add some oil into the pan.
4. Wait until the pan is hot then fried the garlic for about 10 sec.
5. Add the chopped meat into the pan and stir fried until the meat is almost cooked. Beware not to fried it for too long since the chicken will become tough and dry.
6. Turn down the heat and add the noodle and the Chinese broccoli into the pan along with a table spoon of soy sauce and half table spoon of dark soy sauce, and follow by sugar.
7. Still cook on low heat and flip the noodle gently with a spatula.
8. Cook the noodle until they are dried and then add a little bit of oil.
9. After the noodle are well mixed with other ingredient, crack an egg into the empty side of the pan.
10. Start scramble the egg and mix the egg into the noodle and start to stir fried the noodle and the egg together, you should get a little char on the noodle and the egg to enrich the taste.
11. Stir until they are beautifully dark brown and then dish it out and sprinkle some ground pepper and chili flakes on top.

And that is it for the Pad See Ew, you can also make and omelet to go together with your Pad See Ew as well.

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