Unlock the Delectable Secrets of Pad Thai!


A Recipe for Happiness: Thailand’s Delicious Pad Thai


The noodle dish known as pad thai is one of Thailand’s most iconic – and delicious – meals, renowned around the world for its diverse flavours and textures, not to mention its ability to make your mouth water! If you have always wanted to know the secret to making a truly mouthwatering pad thai, be sure to check out this video!
Not only will you learn the crucial elements for whipping up the perfect noodle dish you will also realize that there isn’t just one way to make a delectable pad thai. Whether you like it with chicken, prawns or a delicious crab omelette, pad thai offers plenty of ways to tantalize your palates. This video helps to celebrate this most revered Thai dish and also showcases some of the tastiest nibbles you will come across in the Land of Smiles, such as som tam and kor moo yang.

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