Seaside Squid School: Eat Asia Extras


Eat Asia and Natalie explore the delicious ways of eating and enjoying squid in Thailand


If you ever wanted to know about squid, or if you love its delicious taste – this is the episode for you! Natalie and Eat Asia made a special trip to Pattaya to see the local produce. And while visiting the old Pattaya market Natalie was told that a much-adored local product is Squid, in all its incarnations. So we went to seek out the best and interesting way this seafood is served up.

Natalie was guided around the market by Khun Fai to learn both the Thai names of the different squid varieties and ways of eating – and all this found in just one market! First up was the dried small sized ones, and the salted ones, which are drier and chewier. Next to the large dried squids, which can be then grilled and are enjoyed as a popular beer snack because of their salty and savoury flavors. And if you want to buy fresh squids to cook at home, the types are endless. Caught that night on specialised squid fishing boats, and sent straight to the market. The squids are completely fresh and displayed on ice so local buyers can peruse their choice easily.

While wondering the aisles of the market, Khun Fai told Natalie about the cooked squid you can also find. They enlisted the help of a local to find a small stall selling baby squid cooked in its own ink – something both ladies said is a delicacy and very tasty. Finding the plastic bags filled with black liquid, despite the ‘interesting’ look of the food, Natalie bought some to try.

Next you can also buy fresh squid and have it grilled in front of you for a small cost. Natalie bought a kilo of medium sized squids, which were promptly cleaned and scored then placed in metal grilling racks. They were placed over burnished coals to grill for 10 minutes then served in a takeout box – perfect picnic food.

Natalie took her two dishes to a seaside locale to do the important part – tasting! Watch the video to see how baby squid cooked in its own ink tastes like and why grilled squid is the perfect dish for a certain kind of people.

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