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Top Things to See and Do in Phuket Bird Park


Set on 12 acres of land in Phuket, Phuket Bird Park is a clean, spacious and well run establishment that really looks after it’s animals. Opened from 9am till 5pm daily, Phuket Bird Park is the only privately owned bird park in Phuket. Entry is 500 Baht for adults and 300 baht for children.

It houses hundreds of bird species closest to their natural environment. The array of bird life come from places such as South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. They are all nestled into beautiful garden grounds with a natural waterfall. Visitor’s will have a wonderful time walking around the establishment viewing and interacting with some of the most exotic birds in the world. Some of which you may have never thought existed with their bright colours and prehistoric looks.

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iTravels Favourite Birds

With hundreds of bird species that can be found at Phuket Bird Park, iTravel Channel has their top 7 that you cannot miss on seeing and snapping a photo of when you visit.

Hornbill species

Hornbill Species
Credit: Wade Vandergraaf

One of the most interesting species, the Hornbill species come in many forms and colours. An intriguing looking bird mainly due to the shape of their beak and quirky look, this bird is one that you will want to see again and again.


Australian Cockatoo
Credit: Wade Vandergraaf

An Aussie favourite that is popular amongst foreigners is the Cockatoo. Part of the Parrot family they are a beautiful white bird with a funky yellow feather display on their head which they can show off to visitors.



There are seventeen different species of Macaws that are found throughout Central, North and South America naturally. While you are here you can fall in love with these beautifully coloured, intelligent birds, right here in Phuket.

White Bellied Sea Eagles

White Bellied Sea Eagle
Credit: Wade Vandergraaf

These birds have become quite rare to see in the wild throughout Asia. So, it is great to see them up close and you can see how big they really are. Be careful of their talons, they are very sharp.


Chinese Pheasant
Credit: Wade Vandergraaf

A few different pheasant species can be found at Phuket Bird Park but look closer on the ground. Try to keep your eyes out for the striking Golden or Chinese Pheasant, one of the more beautiful species from this family.


Credit: Wade Vandergraaf

Also known as a peacock there are two different species found in the world. One of these is found in Africa and the other in India. A well-known bird, you can never get over their tail feathers when the male displays them. Amazing!



There are over 400 species of the parrot family that are naturally found in most tropical and subtropical regions. Popular because of their cute look and attitude, they are very intelligent, pretty birds that will melt your heart. Be sure to make friends with some of them on your visit.

Come and Watch the Show

There is a bird show where visitors can watch demonstrations on the bird’s intellectual capacity and skills, which provides them with a form of enrichment. Be amazed as birds solve math equations and perform other skills. Shows will run daily (Weather permitting) at 10.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. Be apart of the show when the Hornbills or Eagles will come land on your arm. This is a great show for everyone to experience and great to see the interaction between the handlers and birds. You can see that they have a great bond.

Something for Everyone

While walking around it may be tricky to get a photo with some of the birds as they may be in the tree but don’t worry too much as there are a few photo booth stations around where for a fee you can sit and have different species of birds on your arm to interact with and get a photo. If this isn’t your thing and you need to have a rest and relax then there are also a few cafés within the grounds. Sip on a coffee or a nice cold drink while listening to the majestic sounds of the birds.


9, 32/9 Chao Fah Tawan Tok Rd, Chalong, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000

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