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Guide to Phuket Beaches by THAI Smile Airways


Here we are in Phuket, Thailand’s largest island geographically! It’s way down in the south, sharing a coastline with the Andaman Sea. That explains why there are over 30 beaches on the island to choose from, and the choices are not only endless, they’re fantastic. There’s a beach for every different kind of traveler, from those who are like nightlife, sports in the sun and more. Join THAI Smile Airways (WE) as they bring you three of the most popular beaches in the island.

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Patong Phuket Beach

Patong Beach is our first stop, and it’s the busiest beach in all of Phuket. Here you can find luxurious hotels, world-class restaurants and some of the best nightlife in all of Asia. Bangla Road is where the action happens, especially at the night bazaar. There are all kinds of authentic, local goodies from Thai handicrafts to silk scarves and sarongs, and the best deals go to those who know how to bargain hard. Delicious seafood, steaks and authentic Indian and Thai food are all on offer here.

Kata Phuket Beach

Kata Beach, around 20 kilometeres from the island’s center Phuket Town, is definitely one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. The waters are clean and pristine, perfect for surfing, diving and it’s really safe to swim.

Kata Yai Beach and Kata Noi Beach in Phuket

Kata is actually split into beaches, Kata Yai and Kata Noi. Kata Yai is more developed, with more hotels and restaurants, while Kata Yai is smaller and more quiet and relaxed.

Karon Phuket Beach

Karon Beach is the second largest island in Phuket, and good mix of resort complexes and also undeveloped beach as well. It’s totally laidback and active at the same time – there are paths for exercise, jogging and cycling in Phuket’s largest beach side park, Nong Harn Lake. These clear waters are fantastic for diving and snorkeling, and around the southern tip there’s even breath-taking coral reef to discover.

There are just too many wonderful beaches here in Phuket! Whether you’re into diving, bar hopping or even just sun tanning, this is an island where you’ll be totally spoilt for choice.

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