Big Buddha and Siam Safari in Phuket, Thailand


Explore Siam Safari


Siam Safari offers some of the best eco-friendly nature tours in all of Thailand. They’ve won many awards for performing conservation projects in Phuket’s wildlife parks such as Hat Nai Yang and Khao Phra Thaeo.

Siam Safari is best known for is its ecotourism when it comes to helping elephants. It’s the only Royal Thai Government Certified Elephant Camp in Phuket and southern Thailand and it’s committed to preserving elephant habitats, health and welfare, offering sanctuary to the animals and financial aid to elephant hospitals around the country. 

Siam Safari was the first company to start elephant trekking in Phuket and now many companies in Phuket and the Thai islands offer this special attraction, but unfortunately not all of them provide a good life for these majestic, endangered animals. That’s why Siam Safari focuses on conservation and they have a program that gives medical check-ups to all the elephants in Phuket.

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