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Pia’s local experiences Visiting Wat Pho


Pia departed her hotel to explore Bangkok with her first stop at Wat Pho. She was taken aback at the size and beauty of the temple which is one of the largest temple complexes in the city, famous for its giant Reclining Buddha. The 46 meters long, 15 meters high Reclining Buddha is the largest Buddha image in Thailand.

The temple is known for being the first University of Thailand where Thai massage was born but on this trip, Pia didn’t have the time to receive a massage.

Pia and Tim Yap were lucky enough to be invited inside the barrier of the Reclining Buddha to only be within 2 arm’s length away from the sacred structure. They both felt very lucky and privileged to be so close.

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Visiting this old temple gave Pia the concepts of how Thai culture works as a whole. She walked through the hallways of the temple and walked around the temple grounds before taking part in the traditional merit of placing coins in the bowls.

As she went along she made a wish of good will to everything she feels is important in her life.

During her time visiting Wat Pho, Pia received a gift from a monk and gave gratitude. She was sure to take many photos with her own camera and get photos with her friends before departing on the Tuk Tuk to the next destination for the day.

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