Image Gallery: Pia Wurtzbach Makes Merit & Cooks Thailands Most Popular Dish


Merit Making


Pia started the morning off by the Chao Phraya River making a morning of Merit with local monks from around the area.

The concept of Merit or “Boon” is embedded within every Thai person. Merit making or “Tum Boon” is to offer necessities to the monk for a blessing. Ranging from food, drinks, medicines, or even little things like hygienic products can all be offered to monks for merit.

Making Merit is important among Thai people because, in Buddhism, there is a belief that what goes around comes around. People who do good deeds, deserve good consequences for their actions. This is why merit making is a way to cherish their lives.

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Throughout the merit making Pia showed great respect for all the monks as she offered them rice and other food as they came past in the early time of the morning. The head monk also approached Pia and blessed her saying that in her next life she will come back as Miss Universe Thailand. He offered Pia a sacred amulet which Pia accepted with the highest respect.

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