Image Gallery: Pia Wurtzbach Makes Merit & Cooks Thailands Most Popular Dish


Pia Cooks a Delicious Pad Thai


After the merit making, Pia made her way to the Salathip Restaurant not too far away for a cooking class.

As she walked into the room she was thoroughly impressed with the set up of the area and all the carved fruits that were also prepared for the class.

On the menu for Pia to cook was one of Thailands favorite dish, Pad Thai, with stir fried noodle, dried shrimp, shallots, tofu, turnip, pad thai sauce and bean sprouts.

cooking class

Pia showed off her culinary skills in the cooking class that was arranged by Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. While she was cooking, her movements indicated that she was fairly experienced with cooking, some even thinking she had cooked the famous Pad Thai dish before. As she cooked and added the ingredients she said that “one of the best things about Thailand is the food”. The room was filled with a great smell of freshly made Pad Thai and she even told the chef “that was very quick”, “You should give me the recipe for the sauce” once the dish was complete.

She named the dish “Pia’s Pad Thai”.

After taking a few pictures of her completed dish to post to her official Instagram, and sharing those experiences with her online fans, Pia wandered around to look at the beautiful fruit carvings.

On one of the watermelons, artists had carved out the Miss Universe crown, which Pia picked up and held over her head, reminding her of her once Miss Universe crown.

After a spiritual and exciting morning making merit and cooking one of Thailands favorite dish, Pia departed to enjoy another full day in Bangkok.

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