Enjoyable First Day Of The TTM+ Pre Tour 2017


Discovering The Unique Thai Local Experiences: Life in the Slow Lane


A short one hour flight from the iTravel Channels studio home of Bangkok, the iTravel team flew to Chiang Mai to attend the 2017 TTM+ (Thailand Travel Mart Plus) trade fair that starts on the 14th to the 16th of June.

The team visited the beautiful Mon community which is situated in Ban Long Him Cao area near the Cao river. Around ten travel professionals of the hundreds that will be attending the trade fair over the next few days also went along to a day of cultural events.

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An Indigo Tye Dye Experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The first activity that started the day of events was indigo Tye dying. For more than 6000 years the indigo dye has been used by countless civilisations around the world. The indigo dye is natural and is useful as it offers UV protection and protects the skin.

The atmosphere was very welcoming as the trade professionals from different nationalities all came together under one roof to learn about one culture. They got on well and socialised with each other while watching and listening to information given about the process of indigo Tye dying.

Once shown how it was done the group had a try making their own. Each person was given a piece of white cloth which they tied and pegged at certain places depending on the design they wanted to achieve. They took the cloth to the dye that was in ceramic pots and dunked it for around 1 minute until the die had stained the once white cloth.

During this time, the rain came pounding down but it didn’t deter anyone and they kept going until everyone had finished the indigo dyeing process before moving onto the next activity.

Traditional Lanna Restaurant Among The Rice Barns

The iTravel team jumped into their van and followed the others to Meena, a Thai restaurant surrounded with a peaceful atmosphere of traditional Lanna rice barns, big old trees and glassy water, to see a Thai cooking class. Inside Meena, a long table was displayed with many ingredients from butterfly pea flowers, pineapple, star fruit, peanuts, lemon juice, fish sauce, chilli and much more.

Chef Poi was there to demonstrate how to make an organic snack that Meena sells. Everyone watched Chef Poi’s demonstration and then made their own mouth-watering creation based on the sample and their own tastes. The smell of ingredients had everyone’s tastebuds flowing and after creating their own they could sit down and enjoy their meal, with the pitter patter of rain on the roof adding to the relaxing ambience of the place.

Shopping Local Products

With the rain ceasing and food providing some energy, the travel professionals and the iTravel team wandered down the road towards the houses/shops of the Mon community. They had warm welcomes from all around as they entered each shop to look at the beautifully made indigo products and other items that were displayed throughout the opened walls of the shops.

After some shopping and buying of some products everyone walked to the local temple to see the temple grounds and after some great conversations between new friends, the iTravel team had to say goodbye and make their way back to their hotel for some editing and R&R.

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