Press Release: Thailand’s Hottest Food Show Launches

Press Release: Thailand's Hottest Food Show Launches

Thailand’s Hottest Food Show Launches | Eat Asia


For immediate Release, Wednesday July 30, 2014
Bangkok, Thailand: Thailand’s innovative food program Eat Asia Show is launching on August 7th, 2014. Filmed exclusively in Thailand and bringing to life an incredible food journey, Eat Asia kicks of with a nine-episode premiere season in early August and can be viewed on the iTravel Channel TV Media Network. A new episode will be launched every Thursday evening at 8pm on the iTravel Channel website.

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Eat Asia Show, Thailand series hosted by Natalie Scarr

The food show with an exotic twist is presented by London-born, New Zealand raised and Bangkok based journalist Natalie Scarr. This season Eat Asia travels to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Samui on the ultimate food expedition. Natalie selects one dish that represents the city, then finds out the dish’s origins, learns how to cook it the traditional way from Thai chefs then scouts out the best places to eat this specialty.

“Food is my absolute passion. So being able to explore the cuisine of Thailand and cook with local chefs then go wild eating is a dream come true,” Natalie, 27, says. “The  food of Thailand is exquisite. So being able to share this with viewers is a fantastic feeling and I hope they will fall in love with it just like I have.”

With a new episode released weekly, Eat Asia will be fun, informative and honors local gastronomy. Natalie has been a journalist for six years and says her eating abilities made her perfect for the job – eating everything from fiery chilies, eyeballs and snakes included! “My obsession for all food constantly surprises people – there was some dishes the Thai chefs couldn’t eat cause they were so hot but I loved it. My friends call me ‘iron stomach’ so this was the perfect show for me,” she laughs.

Natalie Scarr, Biography

Her passion for food comes from her multi-cultural background, a Colombian mother and English father, and a talent for cooking and eating. “Food is such a joy and sharing it with others is an international language that doesn’t need words. We are so excited to share Eat Asia with the world.”

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