Ratchada Train Market, a fun night out at this Vintage Vibe Market


Exploring this lively Retro market


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The market is very well known for having a lot of things on sale, but there are 3 main zones in the market, Clothing and accessory, Chic Indy shops and Food.

Clothing and accessory: Here you will find a huge amount shops which sell general market type clothes, handbags etc.

You will also find accessories and even second hand products such as shoes and trainers.

Chic Indy Shops: This is the favorite zone for most teenagers and adults who love unique products. There are a variety of handmade products and unique clothing and accessories for sale.

Not only fashion products can be found here but also furniture, paintings, retro things and much more.

It is also interesting to see how the owners of each shop decorated their vans and shops. A great place to get inspiration and creative ideas!

Food: Surely everyone is not going to miss out on this zone, it is their main selling point. There is so much different food for you to try including BBQ, seafood, noodles, Takoyaki, and a ton of drinks and dessert to try out.

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