Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan may look like paradise – but is it?


The island of Koh Phangan has long been a popular tourist destination, thanks to its scenery, beaches, and, of course, the monthly Full Moon Parties. But is it really as great as it seems? Read on for 8 reasons why you should never visit this supposed tropical paradise.

Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Koh Phangan

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Unattractive Beaches

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that Koh Phangan is riddled with pristine sugar-white beaches. Yuck. Who wants to lie on powder-soft sands with waving palm trees and crystalline water in the background? Perfection is so last year.

The people are hard to get on with

All those bright white smiles and respectful wais, and that ever-present brand of traditional Thai hospitality is sure to get a little sickening after a while. Isn’t it?

No Nightlife

There is so little happening on the island of Koh Phangan. The nightlife is non-existent. Apart from the nightclubs and bars of course. Oh yeah, and those monthly Full Moon Parties which last from dusk until dawn and involve plenty of drinking and dancing, supposedly those are somewhat fun.

Nothing to do in the water

There is so little choice when it comes to water sports and water-related activities on Koh Pha-Ngan. All you can do is swim. Snorkel. Scuba dive. Island hop. Fish. Kayak. Wakeboard. Yawn!

Bad Cuisine

If you were expecting delicious food on Koh Phangan you’ve got another think coming. There are no fast food outlets here, no risky street food to give you a sense of adventure. Just perfectly cooked, authentic Thai fare. Oh, and a variety of restaurants specialising in food from around the globe, including Chinese, Mexican, French and Japanese.

Unappealing Atmosphere

It’s just so peaceful. Tranquil. Unspoiled. What a drag.

No pampering

If you are heading to the island expecting to enjoy some indulgence, you will find it thin on the ground. Well, unless you’re into luxury spas. Yoga. Healing and detox centres. Oh, and massage courses of course.

Terrible accommodation

There is such a low standard of accommodation on Koh Phangan. All you will find here are cheap and cheerful guest-houses, beach bungalows and hotels, offering clean, comfortable and relaxed family-friendly accommodation. Oh yes, and there are quite a few luxury resorts too, with lavish rooms and suites and world-class dining but still, it’s unlikely you’ll find anywhere to suit you.

Plan your Koh Phangan Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

So there you have it. After reading all of these reasons why Koh Phangan is a truly terrible destination you’re hardly going to want to travel there anymore? Are you?

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