5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangkok Varee @ CentralWorld


Designed to transport you back in time


Thailand is famous for its rich culture, traditions and delectable street food, an indisputable fact currently being capitalised on by Bangkok Varee, running from 14-31 July at the city’s CentralWorld. This incredible pop-up festival is designed to transport you back in time to when Bangkok was described as the ‘Venice of the East’ and the waterways of the Chao Phraya were lined with mouth-watering delicacies. It also marks the 234th anniversary of the Rattanakosin Kingdom celebrations, a public holiday for all Thais. If this event sounds enticing, read on for 5 reasons why you should go and by the time you reach the 5th there is no way you will want to pass up the opportunity to experience this fest for yourself.

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The Mouth-watering Food

Amaze by how they make Thai grilled rice crackers 😍😍… Turns out very crispy… #Myfoodfairytalesbangkok

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There will be more than 300 delicious flavours on offer during the event, including a century-old recipe for mackerel stew, highly popular Chinese chive dumplings, legendary egg-yolk desserts and a Royal Court rice dish named khao chae. There will be so many alluring dishes on offer you simply won’t know which to sample first.

Arts and Crafts

A host of traditional arts and crafts will be available at the festival and there will be fascinating demonstrations, including the making of Thai handicrafts and monk bowls, not to mention a Holy Mathu Payas rice cooking demo.

Traditional Performances

This fest gives you the chance to experience colourful displays of traditional Thai dance and folk performances, always a breath-taking sight.

The Shopping

As well as the food there will also be an impressive selection of 5-star OTOP products on offer, sourced from across the country.

The Location

The combination of water, lush greenery and alluring stalls all combine to the make the event’s location a delightful venue.

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