How To Make a Delightful, Aromatic Chicken Green Curry


How to cook


1. Heat your pan with medium heat then pour in the Coconut cream, stir it continuously until it starts to simmer then add your Green curry paste and cook it until it gives out a lovely aromatic fragrance. When both ingredients had simmer then transfer it into a pot.

2. Use a nice big pot with medium heat, put in the chicken meat and wait 2 minutes. You then add Fish sauce and Palm sugar and stir it for another 1 minute.

3. Put in the chopped Thai eggplant, Pea eggplant and Coconut milk and stir everything in together. Leave it to boil so the chicken is nice and cooked and the eggplants are soft.

4. Put in the red chilies, Kaffir Lime leaves and some Basil leaves. Stir it in together and wait 1 minute before turning off the heat

Serve it in a bowl with steaming jasmine rice, or you can choose to eat it with some rice noodles which Thai people love. Any way you choose it is definitely going to be delicious!

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