Making the Delicious and Authentic Tom Yum Goong


Ingredients: Serving for 2


½ cup of water
4-6 River prawns
½ cup of straw mushroom sliced in half
½ cup of unsweetened condensed milk or coconut milk
2-3 Lemon grass
3 Tablespoon of chopped Galangal
4-5 Lime Leaf
4-5 Red Chili sliced
1-2 Tablespoon of Chili Paste
4 Tablespoon of Fish Sauce
2 Tablespoon of Lime Juice
2 Tablespoon of chopped Coriander


Wash the River prawns and peel the shells out, then carefully devein them. For some people they would rather leave the shell on and just devein them for a good looking appearance. Don’t forget to also wash out the mushrooms before chopping them up.

Place your pot with the measured water and put it to a boil, then put in 3 Tbs of chopped Galangal, chopped mushroom and slightly bash the lemon grass before putting it in the pot. Wait 4 minutes for it to boil and gives it aromatic smell.

Then put in the sliced Red Chilies, Chili Paste and Fish Sauce and stir them all together. Once it is boiled again you can then put in the River Prawns, when the prawns has turned nearly all pink, lower the heat to medium then add ½ cup of unsweetened condensed milk and wait a few minutes to boil.

Last but not least, add the Lime Leaves then turn off the heat. Add the Lime juice and chopped Coriander and it is ready to serve!

Serve it with Jasmine rice will give you the perfect Thai style experience.

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