Romantic Holiday Guide to Hua Hin, Thailand


Romantic Holiday Guide to Hua Hin, Thailand


There’s plenty of obvious activities for the moonstruck couple to enjoy around town, and any trip to Hua Hin is sure to be a good one, but when it comes to really pampering a loved one, we feel its best to really pull some hidden strings to make the right impression.

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Black Mountain Hua Hin Resort

Breathtaking accommodation is always a top priority to complete your romantic getaway. Amongst countless residences in Hua Hin, Black Mountain stands out for its remarkable location, set on a verdant hillside surrounded by natural greenery. Facilities provided in this complex will ensure that what you get is beyond standard quality time. Just imagine yourself nestling in a private pool villa with your loved one.

The Venezia, Hua Hin

When you manage to get out from your very own pool at the Black Mountain, then it is time to invite your partner to witness the romance of Venice transported to Thailand at the Venezia. This trendy lifestyle mall offers a complete day’s adventure within one complex, from shopping to fine dining, as well as very special activities like a Gondola ride.

McFarland House at Hyatt Regency, Hua Hin

Ending the night with romance cannot be beaten by an ethereal romantic dinner at McFarland House at Hyatt Regency, undoubtedly one of the best legendary restaurants in Thailand where you can receive a jaw-dropping dining experience.

Plan your Hua Hin Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

Now we hope you have taken note. Start making plans to surprise the one you love! Use our wealth of knowledge and experience through our video travel guides to plan your next vacation or holiday. Be sure to watch all of our videos on Hua Hin, Thailand, for a complete overview of this fabulous city.

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