Samila Beach in Songkhla


Guide to Samila Beach


The charming city of Songkhla, capital of its namesake province, is known as ‘the great city on two seas’ and is home to beautiful beaches such as Samila. An ideal place to enjoy a refreshing swim in the heat of the day, Samila also offers the perfect opportunity to savour a relaxing stroll along the seafront as it is well-equipped with pavilions and sidewalks, as well as benches tucked away beneath the casuarina trees. Of course, children may prefer to see the beach from horseback, always an appealing option!

During your visit to the beach you can pose for photographs with the resident mermaid, a statue which commemorates a sad but romantic folk legend of the area. You will also be able to see the islands of Ko Nu and Ko Maeo (Nu meaning ‘mouse’ and maeo meaning ‘cat’) which are also steeped in legend – supposedly a cat, a mouse and a dog once stole a magical crystal from a merchant and attempted to swim ashore, but both cat and mouse drowned (turning into the islands) while the dog managed to reach land before he died, subsequently turning into the hill which is known as Hin Khao Tang Kuan. As for the crystal – that didn’t survive either, but splintered into tiny pieces and became the milk-white sands of Hat Sai Kaeo beach.

While Thailand certainly boasts more aesthetically spectacular beaches than Samila, a visit to this characterful Songkhla beach is nevertheless going to be an enjoyable one — so if you’re in Songkhla make sure you pay a visit! The atmosphere here is pleasantly tranquil and relaxed, the views are picturesque and the water is ideal for swimming or splashing around with your family – what more could you ask for?

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