‘Seafood in the City’ at Scalini Hilton Sukhumvit, Bangkok


Signature Dish At Scalini


Seafood spaghetti pasta –Imported & local Seafood, cartoccio spaghetti and spicy marinara sauce is used to create this dish. It’s a very eloquent dish with perfectly cooked spaghetti, combined with wholesome lobster meat and marinara sauce. The lobster has a unique flavour and combined with parsley and other ingredients in a marinara sauce, makes the whole pasta enjoyable and pleasant to eat.

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Special Of Scalini

Bistecca alla Fiolentina – A Tuscan style porterhouse steak with olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs and ground black pepper, served with garlic, baby spinach baked potatoes and fresh lemon. This dish is delightful and with the flavoursome, succulent steak melting in your mouth, it will have you coming back for more and more.

‘Seafood In The City’. Promotion At Scalini

Zuppa d’aragosta Lobster bisque – Is flamed with VSOP Cognac, lobster morsels, tarragon cream, and caviar. Even though every ingredient in the soup sounds very rich and creamy, the soup isn’t overwhelmingly robust, but very mellow and smooth. Furthermore, this dish packs a beautifully deep fragrance of lobster and Cognac. A dish to defiantly try while it’s on the menu at Scalini.

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